What Is A Cocktail Drink and How Is It Made with Cocktail Mixers?

What Is A Cocktail Drink and How Is It Made with Cocktail Mixers?

What Is A Cocktail Drink and How Is It Made with Cocktail Mixers?

Cocktails are composed of a spirit (or numerous spirits) and other components. These mixed drinks are customizable and let you experiment with a variety of flavors. Everyone wonders how the beverages got their names, however the term "cocktail" originated in the United States.

The craft of preparing cocktails is done efficiently by a talented mixologist, who plays a major role in making a truly brilliant drink instead of a mediocre one. Plenty of classic cocktails can be found online, and several mixologists and eateries use their unique and distinctive cocktail flavors. Ready-to-use cocktail mixers are now readily available to ease the procedure of preparing delicious cocktails. One such cocktail mixer brand is “BYB (Balance your Buzz)" cocktail mixers, which come in four exclusive flavors “to excite your taste buds, refresh your mind, and prepare you for a better tomorrow."

Cocktail: Definition

A cocktail is regarded as a blended alcoholic beverage prepared by combining more than one spirit as well as other additives like flavored syrup, sauce, cream, fruit juices, or aromatics, which are known as cocktail mixers. However, flavors can vary depending on the bartender's way of preparing them as well as the site and culture of the community. In short, two cocktails might have the same names, but they vary in taste owing to the style of preparation. Some cocktails are shaken by hand, while others are blended. BYB Cocktail Mixers are a healthy alternative to conventional cocktail making as they contain zero sugar, few calories and have a diet-friendly composition. They are also formulated to help you have a productive day after drinking. 

Cocktail Consumed as Aperitif

Cocktails are sometimes known as "aperitifs," since this mixed alcohol beverage is served prior to a meal to enhance your appetite, similar to the  aperitif or a starter. A typical aperitif cocktail mixer that most 'bar patrons' are familiar with is the classic cosmopolitan cocktail.

As many people choose to sip a cocktail preceding their dinner or while enjoying appetizers, it's essential that your waiters are able to rapidly prepare beverages with outstanding taste and minimal processing times. That is the reason to have the proper cocktail mix on hand for your bartenders, which would also be beneficial to your business during peak service periods. Considering this, our product BYB (Balance Your Buzz) cocktail mixers have been formulated with specialized flavors, making the proportional mixing simple and effective with the added advantage of keeping you top of your game the day after drinking. 

Liquors- The Base Component Of Your Cocktail

For any cocktail to be made, the primary and base element is absolutely the liquor. To be more precise, it is the star and starting component of flavor for the consumers. While the liquor type is the key consideration for your consumers to select from the drink menu, BYB (Balance Your Buzz) cocktail mixers can be added to these liquor shots to enjoy the excellent taste, and acquire the multiple benefits of overcoming the alcoholic impacts, fortifying your tomorrow.

The six basic base liquors are as follows:

  1. Vodka
  2. Tequila
  3. Gin
  4. Rum
  5. Whiskey
  6. Brandy


    Vodka is made from the distillation of potatoes, grain products such as wheat, barley, corn, and rye. It has an alcoholic taste with a neural aroma. BYB cocktail mixers go well with vodka, bringing splendid flavor and freshening you up to have an energetic tomorrow without the trace of any discomfort.


    Tequila is derived from the edible flora of tropical America, which tastes quasi-sweet and flavorful. BYB cocktail mixers combine excellently with tequila, favoring your taste and health.


    Gin is made by distilling neutral grains with the addition of juniper berries and some herbal extracts. It tastes dry with a hint of herbal aroma. Cocktail mixers such as BYB play well with gin, facilitating you to have a healthy tomorrow.


    Rum is prepared by distilling  pure cane sugar or black treacle (molasses). It is sweet in taste that varies with the style of mixing. BYB cocktail mixers can be blended with rum to extract the best cocktail experience with no fear of the next day's after effects.


    Whiskey is produced by means of distillation of malted grains like barley, wheat, and has the hint of sauteed oak tones.


    Brandy is made from fruits such as grapes, cherries, apricots, and peaches, and has a fruity wine and sweet flavor.

    Choosing a Cocktail of Your Choice

    After making sure of the liquor availability, it is indeed time to go for your cocktail mixes. There are numerous cocktail choices available. And now, in bars and restaurants, bartenders tend to prefer readily available cocktail mixers to cut down on their time of mixing manually. By using cocktail mixers, it is simple to prepare the cocktails by pouring out the mix, adding the alcohol, and seasoning them in an attractive cocktail glass; so that the diners get to enjoy their delicious cocktail quickly and have a pleasant feeling. BYB (Balance your Buzz), cocktail mixers are a healthy choice to combine with your alcoholic beverages, enrich your drinking experience, and refresh you for a better tomorrow.

    Significance of Cocktail Mixers

    Modern cocktail mixers are free from artificial flavors and additives, which helps prepare batch cocktails, even at home, without hand-squeezing limes, juicing pomegranates, or extracting ginger. There are so many more choices with modern cocktail mixers. One such cocktail mixer is BYB (Balance Your Buzz), with four unique flavors. You can proudly pour these mixers in your shaker and believe to pair with your best booze to result in a perfect blend, balancing your health and making you ideal to face the next day in the sun. Such cocktail mixers are produced with respect to the interests of the most profound cocktail fans. 

    To Sum Up

    Cocktails are produced readily by the means of pre-made cocktail mixers that influence the flavor, time, and style of preparation. BYB, Balance Your Buzz, cocktail mixers have quality ingredients with four distinct flavors such as passion fruit, coconut blood orange, lemon lime, and mixed berry. BYB cocktail mixers possess a list of health benefits, describing themselves as diet friendly, gluten-free, vitamin-rich, and low in calories. It is wise to prepare cocktails with these BYB cocktail mixers to derive their wide advantages and to welcome every new day in the sun fresh after their consumption.

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