BYB Lemon Lime Cocktail with BYB Cocktail Mixers

Lemon Lime Cocktail With BYB Cocktail Mixers

Lemon Lime Cocktail With BYB Cocktail Mixers


Apart from spending time together with your loved ones, summer is really about making fun memories, exploring new places, and having fun by the water at a lake, pool, or beach. Time spent at the water often includes a delicious cocktail. Cocktails conjure up fond memories and are always a treat to create and drink. Pre-made BYB cocktail mixers have emerged in the market to offer us a healthier cocktail option that tastes good and is beneficial to our bodies.

Special Mention of Lemon Lime Cocktail

Lemon and lime are often synonymous with the season of summer. Summer drinks can't be complete without a splash of tartness and a dash of sweetness! The best things in life have the potential to change our mood and refresh us. BYB lemon-lime cocktail mixers are now available and there is no surprise that these flavors play well with vodka. 
Preparing the lemon-lime cocktail is the perfect thing to make while enjoying the warm weather. It's a drink that is both simple to mix & lovely to look at! Any party, event, or picnic can be enriched with the serving of cocktails, and the BYB Lemon Lime cocktail draws special attention in the season of summer.

Preparation of Lemon Lime Cocktails

The preparation of a lemon-lime cocktail needs very little time and effort due to the availability of Lemon Lime BYB cocktail mixers. These mixers make it so simple to make and served in a matter of seconds.

Ingredients to Make Lemon Lime Cocktails

The following ingredients and equipment are required for making the lemon-lime cocktail.
  1. Vodka of your choice.
  2. BYB Lemon Lime cocktail mixer
  3. Ice
  4. Fresh semon to garnish
  5. Cocktail shaker with strainer
  6. Muddler (optional)
  7. Glasswares


Method of Preparation

  • Preparation of your glassware is the primary step in any cocktail-making process.

  • Open and pour the pack of BYB Lemon Lime cocktail mixer into  8-10  ounces of chilled water.

  • Two ounces of vodka, which is equivalent to a shot, is added to the BYB cocktail mixer.

  • The above mixture is shaken thoroughly for a better cocktail recipe. A shaker is recommended for a flawless finish. 

  • The mixture is served in a glass that is filled with ice.

  • The drink is garnished with a fresh wheel of lemon to make it look attractive (you can also add lemon juice directly into the mix).

  And thus a delectable, mouth-watering lemon-lime cocktail is ready to serve and enjoy!

Benefits of BYB Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers

  • BYB cocktail mixers are unique in their composition, which makes this product superior to similar products on the market 

  • BYB cocktail mixers are vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, gluten-free, and paleo

  • BYB cocktail mixers work to help you overcome the after-effects of alcohol through the unique ingredients and proprietary formula.

  • Therefore,  BYB’s Lemon Lime cocktail helps you feel great the next day and enjoy yourself when consuming these beverages.

   Enjoy the Cocktail and Have Fabulous Fun in Summer!

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