Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - BYB Mixers
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BYB, or “Balance Your Buzz,” is a vitamin and electrolyte cocktail & mocktail mixer new to market in 2022.
No, BYB packets do not contain any alcohol. BYB is a powdered mix that adds to water, and then you add in a shot or two of alcohol (or keep it with just water as a mocktail/recovery drink). However, our flavors were designed to mix great with vodka, tequila, and gin.
No, BYB has zero sugar!
No, BYB has zero grams of sodium!
BYB is loaded with essential vitamins and electrolytes that most drink products do not contain. One packet of BYB includes Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, Potassium, Magnesium, and L-Theanine, which reduces anxiety & stress, and Astareal, which is an anti-inflammatory with anti-aging properties.
No! Our product was formulated to include good-for-you ingredients without compromising taste. With BYB, you feel like you’re drinking a yummy cocktail…not a doctor-prescribed drink.
Our proprietary BYB blend helps replenish the body of the nutrients alcohol depletes, leaving you hydrated and balanced while consuming alcohol.
BYB contains 0g sugar, 0g sodium, and tastes delicious with any spirit added! Unlike other electrolyte mixes, BYB was designed to mix with vodka, tequila and gin, and help support the body while consuming alcohol.
BYB was created by a naturopathic doctor in Arizona who based his ingredients for the cocktail mixers on confirmed scientific facts. BYB helps replenish what alcohol depletes because the science behind it is real, and the ingredients chosen by the doctor truly counteract the negative effects of alcohol.
It’s super easy! Simply mix one packet of your favorite BYB flavor with 8-10 oz of water; add 1-2 shots of your spirit of choice; shake or stir; and enjoy! We recommend adding ice, a splash of soda water (if you like a little fizz), and a lime to garnish. You can also check out some of our favorite healthy BYB cocktails here!:
Absolutely! Most of our customers use BYB as cocktail or mocktail mixer as well as a recovery drink before bed or in the morning after drinking. If you don’t use BYB as a cocktail mixer, try it out before bed and the next morning and you will be shocked how well this product works!
You can drink BYB any time you like! BYB is a very versatile electrolyte and vitamin mixer. We created BYB as a cocktail mixer to drink with alcohol, so you can get your buzz on and still feel good while drinking. BYB is also great as a recovery drink! If you've had too much wine or beer to drink at a wedding or BBQ, you can drink a BYB mocktail (or a few!) before bed - or when you first get up in the morning - and you will see the benefits of being hydrated and replenishing what alcohol depletes. Lastly, you can always consume a BYB on-the-go since our packets are really easy to carry and convenient to mix into water at any time. On a hot summer day, we recommend drinking a BYB mocktail to stay hydrated and quench your thirst!
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