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Balance Your Buzz

Replenish What Alcohol Depletes

BYB helps replenish the nutrients alcohol depletes from your body, so instead of waking up the next day feeling not-so-good, you'll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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Balance Your Buzz

Hydrate with Electrolytes, Vitamins, and H20

With each BYB drink, you're consuming essential electrolytes, Vitamins B1, B6, and C, and one full glass of water, helping you stay hydrated with each sip you take.

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Balance Your Buzz

Improve Your Health

Whether you drink BYB as a cocktail, recovery drink, or vitamin mocktail, BYB helps restore your body with anti-inflammatories and anti-aging properties.

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Size : Pack of 20
6 reviews

Great-tasting cocktail mixers packed with 3x more electrolytes than sports drinks and 5 key vitamins to hydrate you faster than water alone while elevating your cocktails.

Mix With : Vodka or tequila

Gluten Free

Og Sugar


10 Cals

Low Carb


BYB Mixers was formulated to taste great in cocktails, but you can also enjoy BYB as a recovery drink before bed or the next morning.

Each flavor was carefully curated to not only contain ingredients that benefit our bodies, but that taste great mixed with alcohol.


BYB has changed the way I drink and now I don't experience hangovers. I used to feel super sluggish the next day after having a couple cocktails after work. With BYB, I feel good enough the next morning to hit the gym early on!
I've tried all the remedies out there, and these guys take the cake. Nevermind bananas and Gatorade. These mixers are where it's at. Highly recommend for a night out - or in. NOTICEABLE results the next day.
I love how different the flavor is, and it tastes so good and refreshing! I mix mine with vodka, and even if I make several strong drinks, I have yet to feel like crap the next day. Have already recommended to my friends and fam because it is an awesome drink.


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